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Sunday, 26 January 2014

New Year, New thing monster?

Crochet cat

Thought I'd try something different for the new year and that is...make shapes with out breaking wind yarn and after much faffing about (it's harder than it looks you know!)  I finally made a cat type thing. Or it could be a creepy monster type thing?

Monster thing

The size will vary greatly depending on the hook and yarn used.  The smallest one I made is just 12cm tall using 3ply yarn and 2mm hook.  The biggest is a pillow wannabe 28cm using chunky yarn and 5mm hook.
Instead of the usual top to bottom or bottom to top approach, this is worked from left side to right side and gives a different look to the ususal Amigurumi type thing.  Think I will be exploring the possibilities further :)


  1. Awesome! :)

    (The top one looks a bit like the cat from 'Simon's Cat') :D

  2. I purchased this pattern. (Love the cat) It starts with a magic ring, however, looking at the pattern, its worked in rows (the whole thang) it written out someplace? Or a video I can follow?