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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Free Fat Cat Crochet Pattern!!



Ok, it's not totally, totally free it is now totally free!! That's it. Then it's yours, to own, for ever and ever (well, until you dump it on a hard drive somewhere and lose it in the mass of files - ahem).  All you have to do is subscribe for updates go to my new site here, fill in your email address and a message with a link will be emailed to you.  Ta-dah! (You should get a link after about a million verification messages - that's if I've set it up properly...)

free cat crochet pattern

How about that cute little blue fluffy one?

To be honest - he was a bit of an accident but then my daughter saw him and he went straight into her suitcase off on a school trip (actually, that's a bit of a fibby, I stuffed it in her case as a surprise).  We're now in the process of making a passport for him.  He was made using the 'Junior' cat pattern with some fine, hairy sort of yarn and 2mm hook. The pattern was worked as normal up to the ears part, then turned inside out - since texture yarns tend to work up with the texture on the inside. Then the ears are done - the right way - that's why they're not so fluffy.

If you use polypellets for stuffing (held inside a stocking else they'll flood out the holes) - the Mummy sized cat is quite a nice size for a stress ball.  Even just stuffed with the usual bouncy white stuff, it's fairly good for lobbing across the room at each other.  I'm also thinking about using a balloon stuffed with cornflour inside so it's super squishy.  I'll keep you posted.

Anyway, the pattern is produced the same way as all my 'to buy' patterns in that it's full of mistakes it's got lots of nice pictures, big writing and clear instructions.  There could be errors - please let me know and I'll get them sorted if you find any.  I'd be grateful for any feedback but have fun making your fat cats.  What have you got to lose?