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Thursday, 26 April 2012

Toast and Jam - the giraffes

So, apparently my nieces favourite animal is a giraffe and when I asked what colour they were the answer was....purple.  Happy to oblige my little sweetie....:)

Crochet giraffe pattern

It took me ages to work out the hooves, and they are a bit fiddly but look so nice.  As usual, the pattern is available at Ravelry. :)

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

I made a hat...

Well, it's got to that time when I really should venture out to get a haircut but what to do if I simply can't be arsed??  Make a hat obviously!  A felted hat too.  I was surprised at how close I managed to estimate the shrinkage - I think with a few tweaks, my lovely hat has potential.  Ok, it really is quite  fugly hat....perhaps I'll just go to the hairdresser after all :)

Saturday, 21 April 2012

oh no....errors...

I'm going to keep this post updated with any errors that turn up, I will also correct the patterns as soon as I can so that the current version is always on Ravelry.  

I have discovered that there is a bit of a booboo on the Penelope elephant pattern, (mostly a case of semantics so hopefully not too catastrophic) but when following the hippo body instructions line 4, where it says "20sc in front/lower loop of" - this bit has no relevance at all to the elephant and should just be 20sc as normal.  Hopefully that's it.

OK, there is also an error on the Toast and Jam giraffe pattern....Rnd 3 of the Head should read "(2sc, inc, sc, inc, 3sc) 2 times".  That'll teach me to mark the end of my rounds when I am testing the patterns :)

update: Jan 2013, an updated version of giraffe pattern is now on Ravelry so these errata should no longer apply

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Yay new pattern...

Ok, I know it looks a bit more like a dog than a bunny - so make it into a dog, I don't mind, in fact, perhaps I'll do an addendum for a muzzle or summat. Or just call it DogBunny.

It's mostly done in one piece (apart from the ears and one leg) cos I really hate having to stitch pieces together.

So, well, this pattern was going to be free but then I got my hours at work cut so.....sorry's still really cheap though!:)

Anyway, now that's done and dusted, back to Mass Effect multiplayer...