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Saturday, 21 April 2012

oh no....errors...

I'm going to keep this post updated with any errors that turn up, I will also correct the patterns as soon as I can so that the current version is always on Ravelry.  

I have discovered that there is a bit of a booboo on the Penelope elephant pattern, (mostly a case of semantics so hopefully not too catastrophic) but when following the hippo body instructions line 4, where it says "20sc in front/lower loop of" - this bit has no relevance at all to the elephant and should just be 20sc as normal.  Hopefully that's it.

OK, there is also an error on the Toast and Jam giraffe pattern....Rnd 3 of the Head should read "(2sc, inc, sc, inc, 3sc) 2 times".  That'll teach me to mark the end of my rounds when I am testing the patterns :)

update: Jan 2013, an updated version of giraffe pattern is now on Ravelry so these errata should no longer apply


  1. Hi there! I'm using your Harriot pattern and I'm on line 4 of the body section, which says "19sc round body, dec across the head joining stitches, 20sc-for the hippo, make these in nearest loop of on front of head, 19sc round body."

    I'm still relatively new to crochet... What does dec around the head joining stitches mean? If I invisible decrease across, the stitch count is way down. The next sentence I'm not really sure about either...

    Thanks for your help! :)

  2. hmmm ok, it's a while since I've looked at this but once you've completed row 3, you then ignore the 10sc where you joined the head and body. There's a photo at the bottom of that page which shows what it should hopefully look like. By "dec across the head joining stitches", I mean to join what would be the 20th sc on the body and the 1st of the 10sc in the head/body join. These two are already joined but if you just skip over them, you end up with a hole! I got around this by sc through the both of them (dec)...just to close the gap. The hole didn't seem apparent on the other side so no need to do a decrease. When you finish the round, you should be at his bum end :) So the next 19sc of round 5 will take you to the place where you did the dec, you then just ignore this ie.'skip' it, the 20sc are across his nose, round to the join again, which you skip over 1sc, then 18sc round the other side of the body...back to the bum end. I'd do a video but don't actually have the equipment I'm afraid. I'll try and think up a better way to illustrate it perhaps!