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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Really getting into the christmas spirit now...

And here is Santa and his little helper Cyril... 

Santa uses slippery, squiggley eyelash yarn which to be honest is a bit of a bugger to use.  I've tried the pattern using an ordinary white yarn too and it actually looks fine.  I'll put some pic up when I can find him...I suspect Santa mark2 is another victim of 'under the sofa', I'm sure he'll turn up about March.  I've included pictorial instructions for the version of loop stitch that I found most successful.   There does seem to be a few variations out there.

Also....Purchase both Santa & Cyril and Rudy & Robin patterns and get them both for the measly sum of $8! Sweet huh? drop me a line if the discount isn't working properly and I'll get it sorted.

For some reason, I seem to be becoming a bit of a slack hooker.  I find it very tricky to make a solid single crochet fabric.  The stuffing is always poking out.  The trouble with changing to a smaller hook is the yarn then gets split by the hook instead of picking it up.  Sigh...although....I have treated myself to this rather gorgeous looking implement.

 Soooo pretty and the hook looks hefty enough to grab a decent yarn.  We will see...

Friday, 6 December 2013

Christmas patterns...bit late but getting there

Yes!!! Had this one kicking around for a while and it's now up and ready to go on Ravelry.

And here is a sample page.  Hopefully detailed and not over complicated instructions (as I am rather prone to!).  The thought has just crossed my mind to hang them on elasticated thread...hmmmm...

And just out of is a snap of Robin getting ready for his photoshoot...

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Slinky Glove pattern

free crochet pattern

For a child(adult) glove, I used sirdar snuggly dk and size 4mm hook.  This pattern is not fully tested and probably quite wrong in some places but it works up quick so not a major disaster when it does go wrong!

Here is the video explaining the rib:

Initially I did the side joins just with a which is quick and easy but with the yarn I was using looked a bit may look ok with a fluffier yarn.  After much faffing about, I decided the best join I could do was as follows (of course you could always just work it flat and sew up the side when you've done):

And so putting this new found knowledge to good use here's what I did to make small size glove with (large size in brackets):

ch 30(34)
hdc in 3rd from hook, 27(31)sc, join with a to the top of the ch3, join (as above as are all joins from now)
27(31) hdc in lowest loop of previous row (as rib video) join and repeat this row.
You'll be able to see after a few rounds if this is likely to be a good fit (does it go over the intended hand?) if adjustments need to be made, you can alter the number of the initial chain.  If your going with the bobble trim, you'll need a starter chain that is a multiple of 4, plus 2

repeat this row for as long as you want the cuff (ending with a right side row).

Increase by 4 stitches to accomodate the palm so:
for the smaller size: 2hdc (6hdc, pick up the next in-between loop and create a new hdc) 4 times, 1hdc
for the larger size: 2hdc (7hdc, pick up the next in-between loop and create a new hdc) 4 times, 1hdc

Then do 4 more hdc rib rows to the base of the thumb but just work the of the join then proceed:
turn, ch7, skip 5. 26(30) hdc in lowest loop of previous row as before,join to 2nd on ch7
ch2, turn, 31(35) hdc in lowest loop of previous row (including the 5chain), join - you should now have a thumb hole

work a few more rows of hdc rib to the base of the fingers, ending with a right side row and finish off unless you want a bobble row in which case:

at the end of the final row do, turn as normal then: ch1, then through the usual part of the hdc (rather than the lower loop as rib), bobble, (, bobble) to last 2 then to end.
finish off.

yarn over
insert hook through next hdc
yarn over, pull through (3 on hook), yarn over, pull through 2 (2 on hook)
insert hook in same space, yarn over, pull through, yarn over, pull through 2, (3 on hook)
repeat last line till 6 on hook then yarn over and pull through all 6

rejoin yarn at the first of the missed 5sc and pick up 14hdc around the hole
work 3 or 4 rows of the hdc rib and finish off.

If you're bothered about the join showing slightly on the top then the thumb hole should probably be worked at the end of the round rather than the start for the left glove.  So the ch7, skip is worked at the 26(30)th stitch.

crochet gloves

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

pattern in progress - part deux

I tested out a few different so called crochet rib patterns and rather liked this hdc one.

None of them have much give in them like rib should so it's a purely decorative thing.

So I made a strip wide enough to wrap round my wrist....then discovered that the rib looks much better the other way around and bunches up rather sweetly.  Of course round the other way, it was too small for my (bony as they are) wrists and so to model my latest creation, I had to enlist the help of my daughter...who couldn't stop cackling at the idea of being a hand model since they had just watched Zoolander.

I think this really has potential.  Going to have to work on getting a neat side join (the nature of the stitch means it can't be worked in the round) and a thumb will be forthcoming and maybe a matching hat :)

Tuesday, 1 January 2013


Yes!!!  I think I've worked out how to put a promotion on my Ravelry shop :)

It works like this:

Buy 2 or more patterns and a 20% discount will be applied to the total....yes...a 20% DISCOUNT.  (Works out almost buy one get one half price...almost) Huzzah.  I hope it works anyway.  Its to run for the whole of January so enjoy while you can.