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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Really getting into the christmas spirit now...

And here is Santa and his little helper Cyril... 

Santa uses slippery, squiggley eyelash yarn which to be honest is a bit of a bugger to use.  I've tried the pattern using an ordinary white yarn too and it actually looks fine.  I'll put some pic up when I can find him...I suspect Santa mark2 is another victim of 'under the sofa', I'm sure he'll turn up about March.  I've included pictorial instructions for the version of loop stitch that I found most successful.   There does seem to be a few variations out there.

Also....Purchase both Santa & Cyril and Rudy & Robin patterns and get them both for the measly sum of $8! Sweet huh? drop me a line if the discount isn't working properly and I'll get it sorted.

For some reason, I seem to be becoming a bit of a slack hooker.  I find it very tricky to make a solid single crochet fabric.  The stuffing is always poking out.  The trouble with changing to a smaller hook is the yarn then gets split by the hook instead of picking it up.  Sigh...although....I have treated myself to this rather gorgeous looking implement.

 Soooo pretty and the hook looks hefty enough to grab a decent yarn.  We will see...

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