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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Giving the blog an overhaul..

I decided it's about time I actually spent a while tidying up the blog.  I guess a bit of housekeeping doesn't go amiss every now and then.  As it happens, I'm thoroughly enjoying messing with all the templates and options available.  Resisting the temptation to over-complicate things as usual is proving a bit of a struggle but I keep my inner 'tone it down' mantra chanting away.

Of course, when I changed the template it totally lost the little do-dah for Pinterest that I'd managed to get on every image but this link here sorted me right out!  There's shed loads of useful posts on the blog.

An extension for chrome called Feedly was also recommended to me and so far it seems much easier to navigate than google+.  I can just dump the URL of a blog from anywhere presumably and follow it.  No faffing around with circles and wotnot.  Actually, I think half the trouble I have is that I seem to have about 6 different google accounts that I have acquired for one reason or another (*cough* getting freebies *cough*) and now I'm getting them all muddled up.  Serves me right for trying to get more than one free Netflix trial I guess.

I'm also going to be changing the name of Fugly Crochet sometime soon...when I can think of a better alternative.  According to my daughter, Fugly is not a nice word...(yes I know the F doesn't stand for Fairly or Ferociously but it seemed quite apt when applied to some of my early c.2010 creations).  So I'm trying to come up with something new and original.  Tricky.

I've also got to come up with a banner or logo type arrangement for the home page.  Goody!  Photoshop play time :)

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