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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Where it all started...

So, I've been meaning to create a blog to record my successes and disasters in the world of hooking handicrafts.  I knit too but the trouble with knitting is a) great big needles flapping around all over the place and b) the disaster that occurs when a stitch is dropped (especially when you don't notice it for 3 or 4 rows).  So, a year or so ago, for her birthday, my daughter was given a 'Learn to crochet kit'.  This was tossed aside and trampled in her haste to get to the preferable Lego offerings.  Taking pity on the potential multi-coloured dog staring at me from the packet, I adopted it, and took it to keep me company while sitting bored out of my skull at our end of year art show.  Fortunately, it was Fine Art I studied and therefore any person that came through the door and saw me swearing profusely at the small cardboard box, tangle of wool and half-translated instructions, would have assumed I was involved in some sort of Performance work.  What a useless pile of **** that kit was, the best thing for it was to toss it aside and trample it.

Still, my interest was piqued, so off to Youtube I went.  Now here I am about a year on and the same daughter has decided that since her brother got a rather extravagent Star Wars lego advent calendar (which I have to say is brilliant), she would have to have something equally spectacular.  The daily creature challenge was born.  We have a wooden calendar thingy with little drawers in it so the creature has to squish into a little box that is about 4cm cubed.  I'll post my efforts as I manage it - for no apparent reason, we started on the 5th December.  She got squinkies the days before that.

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