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Thursday, 29 December 2011

so my christmas pressie....

was the collectors edition of Assassins creed Revelations.  I figured I nearly always get the soundtrack anyway and love all the art so why not treat myself.


Ooooh, sculpted....

shiny, shiny

hang on a sec..

note the careful wording on the CD.  "Assassins Creed Soundtrack".  That would surely be the soundtrack to this game.  This game Revelations that I have purchased (as I already have the other soundtracks - I am a Collector remember?).  Foolishness.  Ubisoft in there wisdom figured that no-one would notice if they just slipped in a CD of music from all the other games (WHICH I ALREADY HAVE!!).  Not a scrap of it is the new stuff.  The box is nice though.  I guess I will find the Revelations soundtrack elsewhere.  Shame on you Ubisoft for treating us like idiots.  O wait, maybe I haven't heard this track before....

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