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Saturday, 10 December 2011

December 6th..

Now this one turned out a bit better

Pattern found on the marvellous Ravelry site.  It was one of those patterns in Japanese with a squiggly little diagram to follow.  A bit of googling had me following it just fine...mostly.  It wasn't worked in the spirally round and round though but with a slip stitch and single crochet arrangement (at least I think that's what the pattern meant).  I did find it a bit tricky to keep track of which bit to slip stitch to.  I'm too mean to buy markers and got in a right funk trying to use paperclips before discovering that a kirby grip/hair pin/bobby pin whatchmacallem makes an easy solution.  I feel a trip to Claires accessories coming on to see if they do little tiddy ones.

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