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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

More Jutey Juteness

Ah, that heading just made me recall when I was in the supermarket with my daughter and made a similar comment about the vast selection of peas that were we laughed...think about it...

Anyways, I'm still trying to come up with the definitive crochet hamster housey (amongst other projects) and here is the latest effort:

Jute hamster house

I was going for a roundhouse sort of vibe, tho now that I look at it, it looks more like a chiminea.  Roast hamster anyone?  Anyway, I can't see if Vader (the hamster) likes it yet since the daughter has made him a nice fleece bed which I'm not allowed to take out.  He'll have shredded it totally in a few days so I'll wait till then.  It used up just slightly over one 75g ball of jute twine so I might have to make a few adjustments so that I can get it out of one ball since that's really annoying.  Next question...Spring bunny, lamb or piggy?  Or all there's a thought....

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