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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

totally nothin to do with crochet but...

Ok, so I just finished Mass Effect, having played them all back to back for the last 3 weeks or so and...I have no problem with the ending whatsoever.  So, ner.  Maybe I'm just a bit dense or something but, without creating spoilers for the unwary, I am totally accepting that the end sequence was all in Sheps head and you're supposed to let your imagination take over.  Maybe I just have a nice romantic imagination and am quite happy to fill in the blanks with whatever takes my fancy.  Little fluffy kittens anyone (or rather, little, blue children)?  This video helps ease the pain (is bloody genius actually) - DO NOT WATCH IF YOU HAVE NOT FINISHED THE GAME!!!  (I also wanted to put this here cos I've never worked out how to stick a video in my blog before.  Huzzah!)

Also, I'm kindof in the minority in that I liked being forced into the multiplayer game.  I'm a total coward where multiplayer is concerned.  My heart rate gets so high when I have a go at Call of Duty that I seriously fear for my (real life) health.  I sort of enjoyed playing the Beta Star Wars but mostly avoided too much interaction with other peeps so kind of missed the point.  I don't like upsetting people and being the fuckwit in the team is always a bit depressing frankly.  Fortunately, the multiplayer side of Mass Effect is quite clearly sectioned into Bronze (fuckwits unite!), Silver (ok, we might let you fw have a go) and Gold (FO!).  So, I trawled through several bronze levels to get my requisite Galactic Readiness and I had a ball.  I may even go back in.  So, please be nice if you see Cowpatface getting herself stupidly cornered by 3 brutes again.  I also want to add that I found the whole thing a very emotional experience, the soundtrack was perfect, the dialogue marvelously cheesy and I love the way so many people are arguing about it now.  A total success for EA, I'd have thought. 
Now, I really will write up the next pattern.....really want to make a crochet Volus now....

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