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Friday, 7 March 2014

Wilhelmina Bunny Rabbit is here...

and I just realised I never included any write up for her daisy chain head band...bum!  I'll write it up and post it here when I get a chance.

crochet easter bunny

I used drops Nepal yarn which is some sort of Alpaca/wool mix.  Holds it's shape well and is quite frankly a joy to work with.  Also I bought it when Drops was doing a deal on anything alpaca so it was a great price. I'm now a convert to their yarns.   Wilhelmina used up about 2 balls in the off white colour and half a ball in the medium pink.

She's available as usual from my Ravelry store (minus the daisy chain headband which I'll put here...when I can find my notes...)

Thought I'd post these photos from the pattern here too that give you some idea of the difference in character when you change the features...or more specifically the eyes...

toy bunny eyes
Buttons, 6mm black and 15mm brown eyes

I was going to go with the buttons but then found some 12mm round black ones in my box which looked so sweet.  Those big brown eyes look really quite scary....actually I have some amber ones somewhere, should have tried those, would have given zombie monkey a fright.

I actually changed the nose later as well from the basic 'Miffy' number.

I will also confess that I almost never get the arms/ears/legs in the right place the first time.  I'm always having to undo them and try again.  So I have learnt to never actually finish all my ends in too tightly until I'm total happy with the arrangement...many creations have ended up with holes in their bodies where I've cut the wrong thread trying to release an errant limb.

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