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Monday, 26 November 2012

Quick heads up!

Think I may have inadvertently started something with last years crochet advent calendar project...the darling daughter has requested the same thing this year.  Now, I think I managed about 10 little critters...maybe not that many, can't really remember.  They were restricted in size because they had to fit in the little drawers of the wooden advent calendar thingy...I'll post a pic when I dig it out of the loft.

My plan then is this
a)  to make a critter for every third day I think is perhaps realistic, I'll have to find some little cheapo toys for the in between days.

b)  to write up my 'patterns', so that anyone else who sees them can have a go too!  Let's all make loverly calendar surprises :)

a word of caution though...I won't have chance to thoroughly check and recheck the patterns...they will be very rough...which, in my view is part of the charm.  It would be glorious to see if anyone follows them and what you come up with.

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