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Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Halloween creepiness

I really am rubbish at keeping blogs up to date but I have a new pattern I am desperately trying to get finished for a halloween creation.  We don't do the halloween thing so much in this country which I've always found a bit disappointing.  It's usually just some teenagers 'trick or treat'ing with their hoodies pulled up expecting you to give them a bit of cash just to go away.  It's got better in recent years though to be fair (well the available merchandise has certainly taken off), kids seem to be putting in a bit more effort.  Mine wants to be a zombie from plants vs zombies game so on the lookout for a duck rubber ring....or traffic cone....

Talking of zombies...there's a bit of a clue about the upcoming pattern...:)  My mother actually suggested that some 'crochet types' might find it a little offensive!  Hahahaha. (It really isn't!)

Also, I've worked out how to do those Japanese style crochet diagrams with Adobe Illustrator so will be updating all my patterns to include diagrams which will hopefully make things easier for those more visually oriented amongst us.

Just noticed the number of my blog posts that start with 'ok'...bad habit that. OK.

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